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The philosophy of INOS includes effective use of available energy resources.

 Enterprise fully assembles manufacturing lines and equipment from leading Western manufacturers. What is more, enterprise produces a lot of necessary equipment elements itself. Many years of experience in wood processing, designing of energy producing equipment, trade, installation and services, has allowed enterprise to choose high quality materials, producing partners and suppliers, and develop local production.

Year 2001           
-INOS foundation year. Enterprise starts his action as industrial machinery and equipment supplier for Baltic countries, Russia, Belarus, and is the exclusive representative of those countries.
Year 2004
- Year in which enterprise starts his active action with designing of biomass fired boiler, equipment installation and delivery. First objects, with which have been working current “INOS's” team, had been put into exploitation in the late nineties.
Year 2005  
- Opening an office in Russia, which allowed fulfilling the main task - to be closer to the customer, together with the client to explore the problems in the market, to offer effective solutions and provide the clients with the latest information.
Year 2006
- “INOS” ends new office and manufactory construction in Salapils.
Year 2007
- “INOS” starts produce additional elements for heating equipment. For example, elements of transportation, fuel storage bunkers, the silo and other parts, which allowed “INOS” develop a much improved customer’s offer.
Year 2010
- “INOS” begin produce additional elements for manufacturing lines.
Year 2012

- Opened fully modernized metal working department in which using the latest technologies, specialists are able to accomplish metal processing operations of almost any type, size and stage of complexity. Starting from 2012 enterprise completes the first orders for industrial biomass heating boilers and wood drying cameras „CompactLine".


''INOS" customers are:

Enterprises, individual customers and public authorities with modern thinking, taking care of their own development, are working on cost and operating cost reduction, as well as production capacity increases.

''INOS" -European quality and service

Wood processing enterprises more than 10 years appreciate “INOS” team professionalism and brilliant services, what already in the early years in short period of time allowed set up more qualitative heating and drying equipment, wood shredding and briquetting equipment as well as pelleting lines. In turn, industrial enterprises and public utilities appreciate benefits from the installation of biomass boilers and cogeneration systems construction.



Rīga street 115A                         
Salaspils, LV-2169, Latvia
Phone.: +371 67388695 
Fax: +371 67388689
E-mail: info@inos.lv

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