Energy production from biomass:



Energy and its production is a major issue at industrial companies and for municipal engineering, where energy is needed for manufacturing processes or heat supply.

The company INOS offers a full range of technologies for energy production from biomass: One boiler power ranges between 1 and 25 MW


Clavs Vagolins

Andis Lūsis

Material Used: Bark, Wood, Woodchip, Wood Chips
Moisture up to: 150%
Moisture content up to: 65%
Density: 300-400 kg/m³
Dimensions: 60/20/10 mm
Ash content: 1-3 %: 1-3 %
During these years we cooperated with several manufacturers of boiler units and have chosen very reliable and secure suppliers, so we are confident about the quality of equipment to be installed and provision of production capacity.

We are proud that co-operating with our partners we have set up more than 100 plants in Baltic countries, Russia, Belarus and other Countries.

INOS offers:

  • Designing the equipment;
  • Delivery of equipment;
  • District heating plant and power plant construction and putting into operation,
  • as well as service.

Energy producing      


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