Equipment for woodworking:

The company INOS assembles manufacturing lines and equipment, offering various technological solutions for enterprises working in the sphere of wood processing:
  • Timber drying chambers;
  • Aspiration systems;
  • Equipment of air moistening;
  • Restoration of equipment for wood processing;
  • Additional equipment (various transporters, conveyers, collection bins and other elements according to the needs of customers).


Arnis Adakovskis

The long-term experience of the company in designing, sale, installation and servicing of equipment for wood processing has allowed to select the best collaboration partners and suppliers, as well as start manufacturing of many elements at the own plant.

древесина, бывшая в употреблении, обрезки, кругляки,бамбук, горбыли, стружечные плиты, поддоны, кора

обрезки свежей древесины, кукурузный силос, осадок сточных вод

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