Thermal oil boilers

Industrial thermal oil boilers are alternative and convenient solution to achieve very high temperatures at low pressure.

It is also possible to use more traditional systems - superheated water and steam - in many heat production processes exposed to high temperatures.

Power from 1000 kW to 25 000 kW


Specially for thermal oil heating units is designed Turbochallenger® - the cutting-edge front-furnace system, which is not offered by any other manufacturer.





Clavs Vagolins


Andis Lūsis


A boiler with spiral-shape heating surface is traditionally used for heating thermal oil, and its history dates back to creation of gas or fuel oil burner thermal oil heating equipment, but biomass flue gas is different, and therefore it was necessary to adjust such a boiler or create a boiler specially designed for biomass.


Thanks to Turbochallenger® cyclone-shape post-combustion chamber, it is possible to use different types of fuel material at the same time. In addition, the chamber is self-cleaning and does not require service work usually done manually.

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