Wood drying kilns


For dying of timber INOS offers:
  • Traditional convection type wood drying kilns (TDK);
  • High temperature (above 230°C) drying kilns (ATK) ;
  • Tunnel-type , pre-drying (PDK) and steam (DVK) chambers, as well as chambers with Europalettes (DK-P), etc.;
  • Chambers CompactLine produced and assembled in Latvia;
  • Capacity also more than 120m3 in one chamber;
  • Automation and management systems;
  • Modernisation of existing drying kilns;
  • Rotating bin-type and line dryers for production of material pellets and briquettes.
After discussions with you the experts INOS will assess and advise which of the existing type of wood drying kilns is the most appropriate.


Arnis Adakovskis