Boiler houses and CHP plants

Energy and its production is a topical issue in industrial companies and utilities, where energy is needed for production processes or heat supply.
We offer a full range of technologies for biomass power generation:

– Hot or super-heated water boilers;
– Steam boilers;
– Thermal oil boilers;
– Cogeneration

Power range of one boiler: 0.5 to 50 Mw
Inos has been able to work with Europe’s most recognized boiler plant manufacturers and, as a result, choose the most reliable and reliable suppliers. We have also started production of biomass boilers.
This gives confidence in the quality of the equipment to be installed and the provision of production capacity. Our experience and experience in power system development allows us to develop an optimal solution and offer tailored to the individual customer.
We are proud that in cooperation with our partners we have installed almost a hundred boiler plant installations in the Baltic States, Russia, Belarus and elsewhere.

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